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Riots Asylum


19 March
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I love you Chelsea! I like to play my guitar... i like to play my Bass....Im 17 and...well thats all. I am all Chelsea's ..........All my heart for you.

3 doors down, [adult swim], a perfect circle, adema, aim, all american rejects, animal planet, art, astronomy, balto, bands, bass, being in love, black metal, blink 182, blood, bmx racing, books, bowling for soup, brand new, bubble baths, bubble buddy, calvin and hobbes, cartoons, casey, cheese, cheetos, chelsea, chocolate, christmas, comedy central, concerts, crank yankers, cuddling, ddr, death, draco malfoy, drawing, emo, emo boys, evanescene, fetishes, finding friends, foamy the squirrel, friends, futurama, gir, goo goo dolls, goths, green day, greenday, guitar, halloween, harry potter, hate, history, homestar, hot guys, humor, internet, invader zim, jack, johnny, jones soda, jthm, kisses, knights, kurt cobain, laughing, led zeppelin, leif ericsson day, life, linkin park, love, maroon 5, matchbox 20, metro, monty python, movies, music, mythology, nightmare before christmas, nirvana, oldies, ozzy, pac sun, piercings, pink and black, pippin, poetry, preps, radio, rainbows, random, rats, reading, red hot chili peppers, relaxing, relient k, remembering never, riff raff, rock, rocker boys, rocky horror picture show, roses, sarcasm, savage garden, seattle, shoes, sierra mist, simple plan, sirius black, sixteen candles, skank dancing, sleeping, smile empty soul, snow, softball, spongebob, stephen lynch, story of the year, swimming, switchfoot, that 70's show, the who, three days grace, thunderstorms, tiki bong, time warp, vampirism, videos games, viva la bam, werewolves, wizards, wolfs, wolves, world domination, yellowcard, zero, zim, zombies